Education Services of United Way HDC

For service or to volunteer, please call 304-326-7762. Thank you!

We seek to improve the lives of individuals by providing them with the knowledge they need to succeed. To help us achieve this goal, we offer a variety of educational services.

1.) HiSet Online Prep Course : This program is for students who are interested in obtaining a GED. There is a fully refundable, upfront cost of $75 for the student.  Once enrolled, each student can complete the required online hours needed in order to take the HiSet test. We also provide one-on-one tutoring for any subject that the student is having difficulty completing. 

2.) STEM Saturdays : This program is for school-aged students who are interested in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. The hands-on learning experience is offered one Saturday a month. This provides both a wonderful introduction to fascinating topics, but also an enrichment opportunity for each student.

3.) Homework Help : This program is offered to all students no matter the grade level or the subject matter. If any student brings his/her homework to us, we can work with them to complete the assignment.  We can also help students prepare for exams. Struggling students will receive one-on-one assistance from a qualified tutor. In addition, we offer tutoring to students who are studying for either the ACT or SAT test.

4.) ESL (English As A Second Language) :  This program is designed for any individual who is struggling to learn to speak, read, and write the English language.  No matter your level of proficiency, we can help you. We have qualified, trained tutors who will help any student learn English. We can also provide tutoring for anyone who is interested in taking the United States Citizenship test. 

5.) You Tube Channel : At times it can be difficult to come into the office when you are in need of help. We have a solution. We offer over 150 educational videos on You Tube. The name of our channel is LEARNING MORE IN THE 304. Here you will find videos that introduce our STEM Saturday lessons and discuss the topics that will be studied during these sessions.  You will also find a link to the Literacy Volunteers of Harrison County You Tube channel. There you can view educational videos on everything from math, science, and anatomy to Spanish, phonics, and study tips. 

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