Blue Ridge Risk Partners UW Campaign

Dear Blue Ridge Risk Partners Family and Friends,

As you already know, our local communities are still dealing with the ramifications of the pandemic and a long list of other social crises. Together we will continue to fight for our friends and neighbors no matter what obstacle we face. Blue Ridge Risk Partners has been a longtime partner with our United Way and for this we are forever grateful.

As we reflect on all that has transpired this past year, I hope we can use our 2020/2021 experiences to reimagine who we are, how we operate, and how we, as a positive guiding force in Harrison and Doddridge Counties, move forward. Now is the time for us to fight harder than ever -- just as our citizens, businesses, and communities must do. Thankfully, we have that ability. Since 1957 United Way and community leaders like yourself have fought some of the toughest battles and faced the most difficult challenges. I am encouraging everyone to look at this apocalyptic time as an opportunity to identify new and creative ways to serve those in the greatest need within our community, and United Way is a great place to start. Every penny (100%) of your donation is reinvested in your community, supporting our friends, families, and neighbors.

As you can imagine, our 18 United Way funded partners and the services they provide have been heavily utilized do to the increase in various human resource needs. Sadly, many agencies are reporting record breaking numbers when it comes to serving abused children, increased health care needs, and hungry seniors to name a few. Thousands of children, seniors, and low-income families need our help. We know this year has been difficult for everyone, but if you still have the ability, we are asking you to join us in supporting these organizations and the people we serve by making a charitable contribution to our new 2022 United Way Fundraising Campaign. Our goal is $750,000 and we must raise this amount by the end of winter. Will you please help us push forward by supporting our worthy cause by making a charitable contribution? We greatly appreciate your support!

During our last campaign, over 17,000 meals were delivered to seniors unable to leave their homes, hundreds (500+) of abused and neglected children received the care they deserved, dozens of children benefited from equine therapy, local residents were able to obtain their GED at no cost, victims of domestic violence received the legal representation they deserved, and nearly 4,000 Harrison County residents had access to lifesaving primary healthcare; all because of the funding they receive through United Way of Harrison and Doddridge Counties.

I am blessed to serve as the Executive Director of United Way. While it sometimes can be difficult to stay optimistic, I can do so because I know our organization is surrounded by amazing, beautiful hearts like yours who long to see our communities succeed.

I wish you (and yours) wellness and I hope the future brings you health, happiness, and prosperity.

Warmest regards,

Brad Riffee
Executive Director

All Blue Ridge Risk Partners employees have the option to designate to their local United Way.

Please select your state and local United Way on the electronic workplace pledge card. Thank you for your contribution!


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